We are excited to share the impressive achievements of Harrison Langridge, who proudly represented England at the esteemed JKA European Karate Championship in Sursee, Switzerland on 1 April 2023. Harrison competed in individual Kata, individual Kumite, team Kata, and team Kumite, showcasing his skills and dedication. 
In the individual Kumite category, Harrison's talent and determination shone through as he secured an impressive 3rd place. Despite facing tough opponents from various countries, he displayed resilience and skill throughout the tournament. It was only in the final match that he narrowly lost to the eventual champion from the Czech Republic. Harrison's achievement is a testament to his relentless training and commitment to his craft, serving as an inspiration to his fellow Yushikai competitors. 
Additionally, Harrison's expertise extended to the team Kata category, where he and his teammates delivered a solid performance. Their synchronised movements and precise techniques earned them a commendable 4th place in team Kata, showcasing the strength of JKA England on an international stage. 
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