JKA England is a growing association of karate clubs that was established in 2003 as the official branch of the Japan Karate Association (JKA) in England, known for upholding the highest traditions of karate. 
Our primary goal is to teach and promote authentic JKA Karate, led by Sensei Ohta, through regular training courses, gradings, and championships. 
For up-to-date information about the association, we highly recommend visiting the JKA England website, which is regularly updated and serves as an invaluable resource. 
Please note that all members are required to hold a valid JKA England licence. If you need to apply for a new licence or renew an existing one, you can conveniently do so through our website. 


Yoshinobu Ohta, 7th Dan, serves as the Chief Instructor of JKA England. He is a graduate of Takushoku University, renowned for its strong Karate club, where he received encouragement from Ishikawa Sensei to continue his karate studies. Notably, many esteemed JKA senseis, including Masters Nakayama and Enoeda, had previously graduated from Takushoku. 
After leaving university, Ohta Sensei decided to further his karate training at JKA. Under the guidance of Tsuyama Sensei, Chief Instructor of the Takushoku University Karate Club, Ohta Sensei had the privilege of training alongside respected names such as Shoji, Asai, Abe, Tanaka, Osaka, Kagawa, and Yahara. During this time, Nakayama Sensei would often teach and assist in classes. 
In 1982, Enoeda Sensei personally selected Ohta Sensei to come to England and serve as his assistant. For over two decades, from 1982 to 2003, Ohta Sensei worked closely with Enoeda Sensei, building a reputation as a highly skilled and popular senior instructor. 
His technical prowess earned him international recognition as one of the most skilled JKA instructors. Following the passing of his mentor, Enoeda Sensei, in 2003, Ohta Sensei was appointed as the Chief Instructor of JKA England, leading the association to new heights. 
In April 2010, Ohta Sensei successfully passed the examination for 7th Dan in front of the JKA's esteemed technical committee at the JKA HQ Honbu Dojo in Tokyo. 
Ohta Sensei actively teaches at National Courses and travels extensively. He is a regular visitor at Yushikai Karate Academy and conducts the majority of our Kyu Gradings. 


Karate follows a grading system that determines a student's rank and level of skill, indicated by the colour of their belt. The ranks are divided into 'kyu' grades for coloured belts and 'dan' grades for black belts. 
At our dojo, students can progress through the kyu grades, up to 1st kyu, by participating in kyu gradings. These gradings are held four times a year at our dojo, although smaller clubs may join together to host a grading event. 
During a kyu grading, a qualified JKA examiner conducts the assessment. Students, usually in groups of four, demonstrate basic techniques from a predefined syllabus, perform a kata, and engage in set-sparring exercises with a partner. 
After the examination, students are informed of their results. They can receive a pass, fail, or a 'temporary' pass. Those who pass are promoted to the next kyu grade, while those who fail have the opportunity to retake the grading after a minimum of three months. Students who receive a 'temporary pass' have shown excellent effort but may have technical issues with their performance. 
They are allowed to wear the belt of the next rank but must retake the test for that rank before attempting the next one. To attempt 1st dan, students must first achieve a full 1st kyu rank. 
Taking part in a grading is not automatic. Students must seek permission from their instructor, which is granted once they have attended a minimum number of classes and are deemed ready to pass by their instructor. In the weeks leading up to a grading, students are informally assessed during classes to determine their readiness and will be invited to grade when appropriate. 


The JKA England Squad is dedicated to nurturing and developing talented individuals within JKA England to compete at international karate competitions. Throughout the year, our squad members undergo rigorous training and participate in competitions to ensure they are well-prepared for Japan Karate Association international events. 
The journey of every squad member begins at the JKA England Club level, where they engage in regular training, grading, and competing. This emphasis on club training remains a crucial aspect of their development. It is through consistent practice that squad members build the strength, power, and technical knowledge necessary for success. In addition to club training, squad members benefit from intensive sessions focused on competition kata and kumite, allowing them to refine and enhance their skills. They also participate in various competitions within England to put their abilities to the test. 
When squad members reach a certain level of readiness, they have the opportunity to represent JKA England at prestigious events such as the JKA Europeans and JKA World Championships. Here, they can showcase their skills against some of the world's best karate practitioners. We take great pride in the fact that our small team consistently reaches the final rounds and stands on the medal podium at these esteemed competitions. 
Currently, Yushikai Karate Academy proudly boasts five members on the JKA England Squad for the year 2024. 
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