Classes for Teens & Adults (13 yrs & above) 

A typical karate session usually begins with a comprehensive warm-up, followed by various innovative and engaging training exercises. 
The exercises are divided into three main categories: 
Kihon (basic techniques): you will learn the basic blocks, punches, kicks and stances of karate 
Kata (forms): you will practice and re-visit the various kihon (basic techniques) learned 
Kumite (sparring): where your kihon (basic) and kata (forms) techniques are matched against a real opponent 
As your skill level increases, so will the difficulty and intensity of the exercises in line with your abilities. 
As well as practical techniques, at Yushikai Karate Academy we also focus on theory, dojo etiquette and philosophical aspects of karate. This allows our students to become fully engaged with the discipline and gain a greater understanding of the methods we use and why. 
Physical and mental benefits 
Karate has tremendous benefits for body, mind, and spirit. 
As well as strengthening the heart and bones, the techniques we teach also build muscle, create resilience, develop hand-eye coordination and enable the body to become less susceptible to sickness and injury. 
Mentally, karate helps develop patience, discipline, perseverance, understanding and open-mindedness, as well as concentration and focus. 
Spiritually, karate builds confidence, develops self-control and increases calmness and peace. 
All of our teaching is executed in a safe, positive and inspiring environment. 
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