Can I start karate?

Of course! Please click here to arrange a FREE TRIAL CLASS!

What should I wear?

Normally we train in a “gi” (a special training outfit), but for your first lessons we would advise that you turn up wearing some comfortable loose fitting clothing, and be prepared to train in bare feet.

Am I too old to start?

Certainly not! We have students in the club of all ages, and karate offers many challenges which appeal to mature students.

Is my child too young to start?

Normally we take junior students starting at age 6.

Can I train with my Children?

Yes, lots of parents train with their children at our Sunday morning class.

I am visiting from … Can I attend your classes whilst I am in Essex?

You are more than welcome to come along to train.

Will karate make me fit?

Karate will certainly help you get fit. It will improve your flexibility and will provide you with mini goals for your next level of training. As you get better at karate you will train harder and your fitness will improve too.

Will karate help me defend myself?

Karate contains many elements of self defence, and will improve your self confidence. We do practice various drills aimed at defending yourself.

Is karate a contact sport?

It is in some clubs, but we practice in controlled situations and only light contact is used. We want you to enjoy your training and come again, and that’s certainly not likely if you go home covered in bruises every time you train.

Will I get hurt?

You shouldn’t get hurt, your Sensei will only put you in situations that you are comfortable with and in a controlled environment.

How often should I come?

Twice a week is ideal but Initially once a week is sufficient